It's got lots of settings!

Agenda Widget 1.6.12

EDIT: 1.6.14, now with less bugs!

Bug fix log for 1.6.14:

  • Bug fixes in Quick Agenda
  • I think I have fixed the appearance preference loading problem
  • Misc force closes

Feature release!

  • New font customizations available: control almost everything including size, type, weight (some features plus only)
  • Updated Quick Agenda popup (Plus only): now scrolls into the future almost¬†indefinitely, swipe actions!
  • New calendar click action selector: choose any activity to open, want the Astrid task list as date click, then choose it!
  • Preference to open calendar (above action) on *any* event click
  • New color picker: the old one was limiting…

Also some bug fixes: hopefully ironed out the birthday duplicates bug, force close fixes etc.

Plus version is out now, Free version coming tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Agenda Widget 1.6.12

  1. georgi

    Hi, I love you widget! It is the BEST! Thank you for your work!

    but when I updated it today to ver. 1.6.13 my Appearance settings stopped working. When I click it – settings page opens for just few seconds and then turn back.

    I have HTC Desire with Agenda Widget Plus version.

    Please fix that.

  2. snotty

    this version broke my layout, no more date visible in date row icon, just day and month. couldn’t fix it (because the preferences are unfathomable by now)

    the preview in preferences is a nice thought, but doesn’t show the layout as it is in the widget (i.e., in my case it shows correct date icons)

    restored old version & settings with titanium :(

  3. Great widget! Thanks for all the hard work! One minor issue with the update, though. I have it set to use calendar colors for the text, but the title of all-day events show up as white, as do the times for timed events. Before the update all the text always showed up in the appropriate calendar color.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hello, you cab fix this buy goign to settings->appearance->text->all day and unticking enable (you might have to do it for some other text appearance settings as well?)

  4. Deathalo

    Hey, love the widget, but I have one request. Can you add an option where the bullet changes color when it is active? I know you can set the text to change color but I’d love it if the bullet could change from my black to a yellow, like it’s lighting up. Thanks!

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