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Agenda Widget, Quick Agenda and Holidays

1. There are a few issues in Agenda Widget 1.6.8 which have been resolved in the development version.

These include:

  • Fixed issues with multi day on every day
  • Fixed issue with refresh not loading the widget properly in some cases
  • Added Due Today support

Due to point three (below) these fixes/features won’t be in market for about a month, you can always grab the development version.

2. Quick Agenda has been released to the market. Agenda Widget Plus users have full access to the paid features for a limited time because some of the features are coming to Agenda Widget Plus (e.g. an enhanced Quick Agenda popup and ICS sending/receiving). Grab more information on the Quick Agenda site.

3. I am going to Europe for a few weeks so I will have limited access to computer/internet for development and support. Please use the resources available on the site to get up and running or trouble shoot issues.

Quick reminder of where to find stuff:

If all else fails contact me using the contact form above and I will get back to you as soon as time/internet permits!