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Free version going into stasis

Note: If you have already  purchased the Plus version of Agenda Widget, you can ignore this post!

It has been decided that the free version will no longer receive feature updates for most devices.

Bug fixes will still be pushed out and there will be some minor updates to the settings screens,  however the features and functionality will stay as they are in 1.6.17/1.6.18 for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean?

If you would like to see:

  • regular updates and bug fixes
  • new features
  • improved settings screens
  • optimizations to speed and memory usage

Then I recommend you upgrade to Agenda Widget Plus which has just had a major update to version 2 and is currently ON SALE for half price!

Why stop updating the free version?

  1. Updating to version 2 would mean advertising in the settings. Some users feel very strongly about the internet permission (i.e. they don’t want it) and not updating is a comprise which will stop advertising and the internet permission from being implemented.
  2. Due to the nature of the changes in version 2, a lot of users layouts and settings would be disrupted. This would be bad for users (broken layouts or having to set up their widgets again) and bad for me (negative reviews, lots of support inquiries). It seems preventing this disruption would be hard to avoid as I spent weeks trying to make the update smooth for the Plus release and still had trouble.
  3. The free version of Agenda Widget for Android is great bang for buck  and is fully functional, it is time to make the upgrade path clear and obvious, if you want new features and regular updates it costs you a couple of bucks :)

Current differences between AW Free (1.6.17/18) and AW Plus (2.0):

  • New settings screens with easier to follow hierarchy
  • Grid view
  • New default theme
  • Enhanced scrolling experience on ICS/Honeycomb devices
  • Quick Actions
  • New uber menu
  • Support for UTD, Task Sync for Exchange, DTG GTD and more
  • Easier to have multiple widgets with separate calendars/tasks/birthdays
  • Support for Anniversaries

Feedback is welcome through the forums and the help page.

Agenda Widget 2.0 release!

Agenda Widget 2 is currently being rolled out to the Android Market (only the plus version for now, free is coming next week).

I will be publishing it over the next few days to minimise the impact of any bugs, if you are super keen to get a hold of it now, you can download the development version.

If you have any troubles after install, use the help page or forums to contact me!

There is a huge list of changes, these are the major differences:

Grid view with a special Quick Action to show events
New settings (another screenshot) including a new calendar picker and color override for calendars
New Uber menu
Quick actions for events
Custom widget titles
Simplified widget separation for tasks, calendars and anniversaries
Contact anniversary and custom anniversary support

Support for more applications

And more, check out the development page for a full changelog!

Next on the hitlist:

  • Attempt some of the most requested items from user voice
  • Native scrolling (Android 3.x+) gridview scrolling/view flipping
  • Super special widget for tablets (its a secret :P )

You can get more updates on Google +

New settings screens feedback request

New settings screens are coming along nicely I just need a little feedback.

I have a preview of the settings screens that can be installed alongside the app and opened from the app drawer. Using these settings will not affect the widget, they are just a prototype!

Grab the preview build here:

Here is the current translation pack required for language translations for these settings:
Please direct any feedback on the setting to the comment form on the help page or in the forums
I’m looking for feedback on:
  • Names of preferences
  • Locations of preferences in the preference tree
  • Where the preview should go, for instance in the current version of Agenda Widget the preview is behind a sliding drawer, the other option is a popup preview after a button is pressed


The future of Agenda Widget

Agenda Widget has been on the market for around 2 years (I can’t find the exact date…) and its time for overhaul #2

What is changing (the good news):

  • Support for Android 1.5 and 1.6 devices is now limited in that I will not be adding many new features. The usage on these devices is small (2% for both versions) and continued support reduces the flexibility of updates for the other users
  • The settings screen is getting a complete overhaul to reduce complexity and add support for large screen devices
  • The static widget layout is getting a minor overhaul. I’ve just removed some very old complex legacy code which will allow greater flexibility and control over rows
  • Gridview is coming
The bad news:
  • The settings overhaul will mean a restructure of what is available in the free version. Up until now there has not been much difference between free and paid versions, unfortunately that is about to change and there will be a distinct features set and reason to upgrade
  • Advertising is coming to the free version (and this means the Internet Permission will also be added)
If you are happy free user please do not update to 1.7.0 :)
I’m hoping to complete these changes in the next month, however time will tell what actually happens!

Agenda Widget 1.6.12

EDIT: 1.6.14, now with less bugs!

Bug fix log for 1.6.14:

  • Bug fixes in Quick Agenda
  • I think I have fixed the appearance preference loading problem
  • Misc force closes

Feature release!

  • New font customizations available: control almost everything including size, type, weight (some features plus only)
  • Updated Quick Agenda popup (Plus only): now scrolls into the future almost indefinitely, swipe actions!
  • New calendar click action selector: choose any activity to open, want the Astrid task list as date click, then choose it!
  • Preference to open calendar (above action) on *any* event click
  • New color picker: the old one was limiting…

Also some bug fixes: hopefully ironed out the birthday duplicates bug, force close fixes etc.

Plus version is out now, Free version coming tomorrow.


Agenda Widget, Quick Agenda and Holidays

1. There are a few issues in Agenda Widget 1.6.8 which have been resolved in the development version.

These include:

  • Fixed issues with multi day on every day
  • Fixed issue with refresh not loading the widget properly in some cases
  • Added Due Today support

Due to point three (below) these fixes/features won’t be in market for about a month, you can always grab the development version.

2. Quick Agenda has been released to the market. Agenda Widget Plus users have full access to the paid features for a limited time because some of the features are coming to Agenda Widget Plus (e.g. an enhanced Quick Agenda popup and ICS sending/receiving). Grab more information on the Quick Agenda site.

3. I am going to Europe for a few weeks so I will have limited access to computer/internet for development and support. Please use the resources available on the site to get up and running or trouble shoot issues.

Quick reminder of where to find stuff:

If all else fails contact me using the contact form above and I will get back to you as soon as time/internet permits!


Agenda Widget 1.6.8 on market

Just released a minor update to fix some major bugs.

Change log for 1.6.8:

  • Removed internet permission, now sends an email on crash log request
  • Removed use of wakelock, this may effect auto updating. Please advise of side effects
  • Fixed birthday coloring
  • Updated translations
  • Fixed Norwegian/spanish/chinese localization bug

As mentioned in the popup on the free version, this is the final release that doesn’t have advertising, so I have temporarily removed the internet permission and have uploaded the apk to this site as the last “free” release. Feel free to download it from here as much as you like, or if you are happy with the product upgrade to the Plus version!

AW 1.6.7, Quick Agenda introduction


Agenda Widget came out on Monday, it was released earlier than so there were a few extra bugs which have mostly been ironed out. These are the outstanding bugs:

  • Crashes when using multiday events every day – fixed in dev version
  • Weird display bug with Samsung phones – no idea what is causing this, if you can provide info please do!

New features:

  • Added deep linking to tasks for astrid and touchdown
  • Added Calengoo gTask support
  • Added preference to show multi day events on every day they occur
  • Added countdown for days/events (which can include a remainder time, e.g. 4d5h)
  • Added “multiday on each day” preference to show multi day events on every day they occur
  • Contact birthdays which retrieves birthdays from contacts on most phones

I also added a internet permission which has allowed me to fix all of these bugs almost immediately, this has caused to concern with my users so it is removed from version 1.6.8 on the development page.

Quick Agenda

My current side project is a complement to Agenda Widget extending on the Quick Agenda view and providing a small simpl

e agenda widget (back to the beginnings of Agenda Widget for those users who have been around for a while!).

Cool/different features:

  • Choose a specific event which shows on the widget from any task/calendar entry your phone (from supported apps…)
  • iCal importing/exporting
  • Use (part) of a gallery image as the background
  • Countdown to events rather than showing the date
      It is available on the market, check it out and let me know what you think! 

1.6.2/3 on the market!

EDIT: there is potentially a problem with 1.6.2 where samsung phones will not save settings, if you are experiencing this please email the developer or post a message in the forum (include a log!)

Just released a new version of AW Plus (1.6.0 had a minor bug so I skipped it) and the list of changes is huge considering its only been 2 weeks, check out this list of goodness:


  • Added date click override for galaxy tab
  • Basic Honeycomb scrolling support
  • Added function to delete selected calendar data
  • Removed restriction on protrait mode in settings
  • Enhanced task click choice option to allow multiple providers
  • Merged appearance settings preview code and tested most (all?) preferences
  • Added sliding drawer to appearance preferences preview
  • Added new skins (Dark square and Light Square)
  • Added new icon backgrounds (green, blue, red, yellow, purple)
  • Added new row header backgrounds (more fade, rounded fade)
  • Added “2 line layout” which shows the location and time below the title
  • Added “Row color background” to row settings which fixes the
    row background color problem for scrolling widgets
  • Fixed some layout issues
  • Lots of scrolling wiget TLC
  • Various force close fixes
  • Rearranged appearance settings
  • Modified some themes, added black and white theme

I will be releasing the free version soon (tomorrow hopefully), unfortunately it will have those nasty revenue machines (advertising) in the settings screens as I need to be able to afford ramen to keep my strength up for more bug fixing.

That means, as promised, I have hosted 1.6.0 as the final “Ad Free” version on the download page. Feel free to grab it, use it and share it around. Critical bugs will be fixed in this download however it won’t see any new features/changes, if you would like to continue getting updates without advertising please grab the plus version!



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