It's got lots of settings!

Delicious scrolling!

Good news for those lucky enough to own a Google tablet with Honeycomb, scrolling is going native! (e.g. you don’t need a separate launcher to scroll, woohooo!)

I have a very early beta hosted over at XDA developers which allows users to show events and tasks in a scrollable list. I need a little more time to get the click actions working properly and add in the text formatting (e.g. text sizes/colors etc).

I have my fingers crossed that the features that allow this in the Honeycomb SDK will end up in Android 2.4, if so, scrolling for everybody!! (all the time).

UPDATE: Screenshots!

Honeycomb Date Icon row styleHoneycomb Date Row row style

AAW 1.5.9 is on the market

This brings the bug fixes of 1.5.8 Plus to the free version, adds honeycomb support and allows touchdown events to be clicked into directly from the widget!

Let me know if I have created more side effects :P

EDIT: there is one side effect I am aware of, if you are using touchdown 6.10007 (or any version prior to the current version of Touchdown) the widget will crash. Please contact me for a copy of the old version of AAW. I will post it soon for your convenience.

AAW 1.5.8 on the market for Plus users

Free version coming soon, just confirming a few things before I release it!

Whats new?

  • Task filtering for lists/tags (Plus only)- for Got To Do folders, Dato/SSI/GTO lists and Astrid tasks. Touch down is implemented but I don’t know if it works!
  • Highlight todays events option – settings -> appearance->text and font settings->highlight->Highligh all todyas events
  • Updated color pickers to use color wheel – Finally!
  • fixed events showing on the incorrect day bug – this was being caused by some Facebook calendars but I fixed it
  • renamed “disabled widget sizes” to “enabled widget sizes”
  • added preference to fix HTC event clicks – if you are clicking all day events and it is loading the wrong times please try this preference in settings->buttons and toolbars
  • fixed bug where unticking global preferences would mess up calendar selections (Plus only)
  • fixed non global color bullets not respecting their settings (Plus only)

I had to postpone a few things I promised for this release as there were some major bugs that needed a fix, needless to say I have plenty of stuff to do for the next release which should include a preview of the widget preview in settings!

If you are a free user and want the changes before I push to market, grab the development version and let me know if it works ok!

1.5.7 released and the future of AAW

Note: If you no events are showing after the update please try:

  • Settings button->Calendars->Choose calendars
  • Untick all calendars and re tick them!

Also, I broke SSI gTasks support, fix is in dev version and I will deploy to market soon!

Not much in 1.5.7, mostly bug fixes:

  • Fixed all day events not showing the chosen color
  • Fix cursor sync crash when syncing on HTC phones
  • Added 5×3 widget
  • Added business calendar, touch calendar pro, calengoo
  • Tasks now respect event look ahead

Coming soon:

  • Preview of widget in settings to make it easier to set the widget how you would like (there will also be a side benefit of cleaning up the settings)
  • Task list preference so you can choose task lists in a similar way to your calendars (Plus version and compatible apps only)
  • Task popup so you can complete tasks etc without going into the main app (Plus version and compatible apps only)

Finally, this will be one of if not the last version of Android Agenda Widget to be “Ad-free”. I have not decided which type of advertising I will use however hopefully it won’t be too annoying. When I do release the ad-supported version, as a gesture of good will to all the loyal users, I will post the previous version here on the site for free for users who would prefer no ad’s and no updates.

AAW 1.5.7 features and 1.6.0 settings upgrade sneak peak!

Next Monday the new version of Android Agenda Widget will be out with a few minor features and some major bugfixes, this is the feature list for 1.5.7:

  • Added 5×3 widget
  • Added capability to have any application/activity as date click action with new “choose…” option in the popup list

Now the exciting stuff, 1.6.0 will have a preview in the settings so you can see what changes you are making to the widget as you change them, check out the attached screenshot! A beta preview of this should be available as soon as I can iron out 2 more details.

1.5.6 out for free users

New update is out for free and plus users binging bug fixes and new features up to speed. There is one bug I am aware of that is already fixed int he dev version:

  • All day even color doesn’t work unless event highlighting is disabled

The plus version will be getting another brief update very soon, I’m just confirming I’m not about to introduce more bugs. In the meantime if you are having trouble the very latest snapshot is available on the development page!

There might also be some problems with all day events showing on the incorrect day (this seems to be a continuous battle as every calendar provider wants to do things differently and its hard to figure out what is “right”). I think the only calendar effected by this is the “Droid corporate calendar”, I hope to have a fix available soon!

Feel free to share and view some screenshots in the gallery and look forward to a significant overhaul of the appearance settings in one of the coming updates!

Version 1.5.5 released for Plus users, Free version tomorrow!

UPDATE: there are three bugs I am aware of with this release

  • Translated text shows blank preferences – this is a change to the way my translation tool exports files, hopefully they can give me a better way of doign it otherwise I might have to remove the empties manually
  • You can’t disable *.5 widgets – This is fixed in the dev version
  • The widget won’t refresh on its own – This is fixed in the dev version

I will release a new version tomorrow to iron out these bugs.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Fixed date row header background setting not being respected in scrolling mode
  • potentially fixed nasty force close when loading widgets
  • Stopped refresh on event end from being on by default
  • Added *x5 widget sizes
  • Fixed problem with force refresh of skin
  • Added migration of event look ahead and modified preference to use days
  • Added reset of calendar offset migration
  • Added new translations for chinese, norwegian, french (incomplete), italian (incomplete), dutch (incomplete)

Comments if you have bugs or post in the forum.

1.5.3 bugs and 1.5.4 dev version

There were a few bugs in the 1.5.3 release (thanks to all the people who reported them!). All reported issues have been fixed in version 1.5.4 which you can get from the development page, if your bug isn’t in the following list please report it using the contact form on the help page.

Top row as todays date not working

  • Time/date fields not respecting the calendar color preference (added a new preference so this is toggleable)
  • Task time/date showing incorrectly on medium/tall row heights
  • Choose calendar page crashing

Thanks for your patience